Resolve alarms, instantly.

Resolve alarms faster than ever with ASAPer, an interactive messaging hub for home and corporate security systems.

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Rapidly communicate to resolve alarms

When an alarm occurs, ASAPer provides a chat room for call list members to resolve the issue.

  • Chat via web, SMS or email
  • Get ahold of members who haven't responded
  • See real-time updates from the alarm monitoring center
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Reach and respond on any device

No phone tag. No hassle.

Alarm customers can receive alarm alerts and participate in the chatroom from any phone or computer.

One-click alarm resolution

Take action right from the browser

  • Get emergency assistance
  • Declare a false alarm
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Instant alarm reporting

When an alarm occurs, ASAPer's patented alert technology ensures that everyone on the call list is rapidly notified.

Seamless setup

For alarm system owners

  • No downloads, sign up or new hardware
  • Integrates with any existing system
  • Access from any phone, tablet or computer

For central monitoring stations

  • No new hardware or software
  • Uses existing phone lines and infrastructure
  • Writes alarm history directly to the Central Station Automation Software

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